Director Nguyen Duy Hung – “Local resources – Global quality”

Amidst environmental pollution and threats to people’s quality of life in Vietnam, SOLEN was born with the desire to be a germ of knowledge, bringing sustainable values ​​to the environment and for the people here”. That is the vision and mission that Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung and the founding members of SOLEN have set forth from the early days and will be the long-term orientation for the outstanding quality of the products that SOLEN brings.
With more than 15 years of experience working in the field of environment can be mentioned as:
Environmental consulting according to domestic and international standards (ASTM, ISO, IFC,…): Environmental impact assessment, environmental appraisal, environmental site assessment, site assessment and environmental organization school,…
Environmental investigation and monitoring: survey of marine plastic in coastal provinces and cities of Vietnam, survey of air quality in Hanoi, environmental monitoring;
Feasibility studies (F/S) in the fields of: Analysis of hazardous substances in Vietnam; F/S on advanced Japanese sanitary techniques in food production and processing, survey on domestic wastewater management in Vietnam, etc.
Marketing for eco-friendly products: paints with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and high solar reflectance index (SRI), etc.
Including five years of studying and working in Japan and more than three years of working directly with Japanese businesses, he has built himself a network of partners from many countries around the world. Thereby, he understood the value as well as the quality required of an international-standard business, so SOLEN chose the path with human resources from domestic experts but the quality and value that SOLEN offers global reach.
We operate with a strong emphasis on balance and sustainability in our approach to each job and each project. We always set strict principles for each of our services and products to provide our customers with the best quality, the most suitable for the times and the best for the environment” – Mr. Hung shared.
SOLEN aims to be one of the pioneering enterprises, providing quality resources to the world, and vice versa, bringing superior solutions from countries around the world to contribute to sustainable development for Vietnam.

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