SOLEN Environmental Solutions Joint Stock Company is a local company in Vietnam operating in the field of natural resources and environment, we provide solutions and products related to the natural resources and environment issues.

SOLEN is now taking pioneering steps in providing outstanding optimal solutions to improve the quality of the environment as well as the quality of life for people. The company has a team of highly specialized personnel who are well trained, with enthusiasm and creativity as well as progressive spirit, always grasping the latest scientific knowledge of the time.

We operate with the guideline “Local Resources, Global Quality”. With domestic resources, but always committed to reaching the international level and offering the most outstanding products.


In the midst of the era of climate change, global warming, and the problems of environmental pollution that seriously threaten life on our planet, SOLEN was born and will be a germ of knowledge, bringing sustainable values to the environment and to people.

That is the mission set for SOLEN from the very beginning and will be the long-term orientation for the outstanding quality of the products we bring.

We operate with a strong emphasis on balance and sustainability in our approach to each project. We always set strict principles to provide our customers with the best quality of our services and products in reliable and sound environmental practices.


1. Consulting, Research, and Survey on natural resources and environment

We provide services:

  • Consulting on environmental documents and legal procedures:
    • Preliminary EIA report;
    • EIA report;
    • Environmental license;
    • Environmental registration;
    • Periodic environmental monitoring reports.
  • Implementation monitoring, measuring, and surveying environmental components.
  • Researching and surveying the market of products and technologies related to the fields of natural resources, environment and health.
  • Scientific research in the field of environmental resources.

2. Translation activities

We provide translation services between English – Vietnamese – Japanese languages.

3. Trading, importing, and exporting environmental and health products

  • Trading in machinery and equipment on natural resources and environment;
  • Wholesale of machinery, medical equipment, chemistry, fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals used in agriculture;
  • Retail sale of drugs, medical equipment, cosmetics, and hygiene products in specialized stores;
  • Importing and exporting of goods;
  • Entrusting and receiving entrustment for export and import of goods.


Professional team

We have a team of experts from leading universities in Vietnam. Experts have 15 years of experience working with foreign partners in the field of environment.

Strategic vision

We continuously update and improve our expertise to meet high-quality standards as well as bring sustainable values to the environment, envisioning future generations and people living.

Above all, we have scientific research projects that provide the most practical and optimal solutions for emerging environmental problems.

International quality

With experts who have experience in multicultural working environments, including close engagement with foreign partners, we could then integrate global scientific knowledge to deliver services and products of outstanding quality and internationally acceptable standards.

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