Tran Thanh Hien – Intern

Tran Thanh Hien is a new intern at SOLEN. Currently, Hien is a senior majoring in Environmental Engineering at the School of Chemistry and Life Sciences – Hanoi University of Science and Technology, the leading technical school in Vietnam. Regarding social activities, since she was a freshman, she has been a member of the Bach Khoa Blood Club. Even though she is a new intern, Hien has shown that she has a solid knowledge base. Within a month of starting her internship, Hien participated in completing a number of reports:

• Survey the situation of household waste generated in provinces and cities in Vietnam
• Summary of regulations on solid waste management in Vietnam, ….

At school and at work, Hien is recognized by everyone to be a person who has the ability to learn and absorb quickly, is responsible for work, is emotional and cares about people around her.
Currently, Hien is still trying to cultivate and develop herself, while creating values for Solen, contributing to the growing community and society in the field of environment.

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