Collection of Articles 2023 – SOLEN IPC Program

Throughout 2023, the SOLEN International Project Collaboration (IPC) Panel published 30 short articles with Opinion, Science and Knowledge, and Practical Management categories. We are pleased to publish a collection of all the short articles published within the Program in 2023. These articles synthesize our knowledge and contributions to improving community awareness of environmental issues as well as environmental legal procedures in Vietnam in particular, the region, and the world in general.

We hope this collection can help readers gain a deeper insight into the environment and contribute to ideas that help improve the community’s quality of life.

Collection of Articles 2023

By International Project Collaboration (IPC) Program Panel Members
SOLEN Environmental Solutions JSC.

Open Access.

Publication date: 4th January, 2024.


I. Opinion Column

How do we do the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)?

II. Science and Knowledge Column

Solid Waste
Solid Waste Degradation
Plastic Waste
Plastics are Everywhere
Different types of Microplastics
Microplastic to our Gastrointestinal Microbiota
Analytical Methods for Microplastics
Stereo- (-or Dissecting) Microscopy Identification of Microplastics
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Method for Microplastic Identification
Identification of Microplastics using Raman Spectroscopy
Identification of Microplastics using Nile Red (Nr) Staining
Thermal Analysis for Microplastics Identification
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Microplastic (MP)
Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanoplastics
Biodegradable Plastics
Combating Plastic Pollution
Treatment Of Microplastic Pollution
Air Pollution
Green Economy Strategies and Initiatives
Fashion Industry and Circular Economy
Supersaturated Total Dissolved Gas (TDG)

III. Practical Management Column

Screening and Scoping in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Term of Reference for EIA
Methodology for Environmental Impacts Assessment (EIA)
Landfills in Asean Countries
Open Dumpsite
Nickel Mine and its Impact
Wind Farming


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