Initiative “Golden Straw Roll” – Thach That District, Hanoi


The burning of rice straw and agricultural by-products is often carried out in Vietnamese localities for quick treatment before switching to a new crop. This will emit a large amount of dust and emissions that adversely affect the air environment and contribute to climate change. To solve the above problem, Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general have had projects, activities and achieved initial achievements in the management of agricultural by-products. In which, rice straw is one of the by-products with the largest volume generated and the “Golden Straw Roll” project will focus mainly on the treatment of rice straw in agriculture. The “Golden Straw Roll” project will be implemented towards the following objectives:

  • Economic: Ensure and generate income for local people through collection and consumption of straw. 
  • About people and society: Strengthening capacity to receive advanced technologies and mechanization in the agricultural production process. Organize awareness raising activities about the benefits and effective use of rice straw.
  • On the environment: Reduce burning of agricultural by-products through conversion of use purposes.


Proposed project name

Golden straw roll


Red river delta



Implementation location

Thach That District, Hanoi City


The project is expected to help:

  • Reduce the amount of straw burned locally by 70%.
  • 100% of the people participating in the project and local officials have proper understanding of rice straw use, have access to official information, increase awareness of the local community..
  • Reduce 60% of greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions from straw burning. Improve local air quality..
  • 100% of revenue in trading and production activities using local rice straw is stable and sustainable.
  • 100% of people continue to participate in straw collection after the project ends.




– The media

– Organizing seminars and training

– Working with stakeholders

– Actual survey

– Geospatial research

– Order equipment



– Personnel assignment  

– Collecting straw (2 crops)

– Distributing and transporting rice straw to companies and cooperative production units



– Post-project survey

– Analyze and evaluate project performance

– Learn from the things that have not been done

– End of sustainable project

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