Nguyen Thi Hanh Quyen – Environmental Intern

When mentioning Hanh Quyen, everyone will immediately remember her beautiful, gentle, and intelligent friend. Hanh Quyen joins the SOLEN family as an environmental intern. Currently, Quyen is a fourth-year student at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam’s leading engineering school.

Joining SOLEN for 6 months, Hanh Quyen, with the knowledge she learned in school and good professional capacity, has contributed a lot to the company through work achievements such as:

– Prepare reports summarizing the current status of plastic resin production and trading market in Vietnam; Biofuel; Green Building Certificate,…

– Participate in the company’s scientific research,…

With a deep passion for the Environmental field, Quyen constantly cultivates knowledge and experience to improve her own abilities, aiming to create more value not only for herself but also for the community. surrounding copper. In the future, Hanh Quyen hopes to have the opportunity to contribute to improving the environment in Vietnam and enhance SOLEN’s position, while spreading a positive spirit and creativity to everyone around her.

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