Announcement: International Project Collaboration (IPC) Program of SOLEN JSC.

ASEAN is home to 20 percent of all known species of the world and is the center of the world’s marine biodiversity. All these rich natural resources, however, are confronted with immense environmental challenges and stresses. Despite continuous efforts by multiple-stakeholders at different states within the region from policy makers to practitioners, there are still more to do.

SOLEN JSC. as one of the environmental service providers in Vietnam with the core strength in research and development is aware of obligation to provide valuable contribution in the region focusing on the emerging environmental concerns such as unsustainable resource use, widespread ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss, pollution and waste, as well as human-made climate change. Thus, the International Project Collaboration (IPC) program was born with the vision To provide the readily available resources in environmental services within ASEAN region and the mission “To promote the research collaborations and mobilize qualified environmental experts through multiple-stakeholders networking within the ASEAN region in dealing with the emerging environmental issues”.

IPC area of interest:

  • Environmental informatic
  • Pollution and waste
  • Climate change
  • Interdisciplinary research

IPC Program:

  • Promoting the research collaboration within the IPC field of interest among multiple-stakeholders within ASEAN countries
  • Establishing the partnership within the IPC field of interest among multiple-stakeholders within ASEAN countries

IPC Program management board:

  1. Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung – SOLEN Director, IPC Program Director 
  2. Dr. Hendra Winastu – SOLEN Principal Associate, IPC Coordinator and panel member
  3. Dr. Moe Thazin Shwe – SOLEN Research Associate, IPC panel member
  4. Mr. Kukuh Jaluh Waskita – IPC panel member

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